Chloe Goldsmith is a Sydney based designer. She completed her Bachelor of Design (Architecture) At the university of Newcastle after a year of Industrial Design. She then travelled to Tokyo where she joined buildinglandscape, an architecture studio which explores urban renewal and intervention, public installation and responsive environments. 

Goldsmith has participated in various international architectural workshops, presenting her work to highly regarded critique panels.

Since returning to Australia, Goldsmith has completed a variety of architectural projects. She worked for a year in a creative workshop as a carpenter, sculptor, painter and seamstress. Taking advantage of her access to such a workshop, she was able to complete personal projects, designing and building furniture after hours. 

Goldsmith currently works freelance in residential/ object/ spacial design outside of her regular hours at Tribe Studio Architects, where she has been since 2014.

Chloe Goldsmith.jpg

Photo credit: Carine Thevenau