Arbor Sonata. A Sound Installation.

Collaboration with percussionist Bree van Reyk.

Directed towards children, Arbor Sonata uses found and everyday objects along with some more specific percussion pieces, hung from a tree. Each item was selected for it's note so when played together, a melody is formed. Colours represent different groups of notes so children can be directed in workshops to form patterns.

The work was first installed outdoors for "Dress Up Attack" a children's festival in Marrickville. It was then installed in the foyer of the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne as part of their school holidays program. For this, we developed a portable, indoor tree made from dowel. The branches are formed by 4 identical dowels with 2 smaller identical dowels slotted into them. The variation is then formed by rotation. No screws are required and it packs down to a series of dowels and into a custom made bag.